Written By: Moira De Swardt ‘Visage – Michael Abrahamson’s new mentalism show’

Written by on September 26, 2019

The mind is an amazing tool – especially when used by mentalist, Michael Abrahamson, in ways which boggle the minds of the rest of us.

Michael Abrahamson’s family friendly and amazing mentalist show is already a well known concept to those who are truly in touch with the top study techniques. Abrahamson doesnt do ‘magic’ or illusion. What he does is use memory techniques and mathematical skills to boggle the mind. Schools like King David, Saheti, St Peter’s College, Parktown High School for Girls and Northcliff High are already places where his study skills are inflitrating the entire body of dedicated learners.

His new show, Visage – Revealing the secrets of the mind, is being theatrically directed for the first time. I met up with Abrahamson and his show’s director, Richard Nosworthy, to find out what we could expect. For those who are nervous that too much will change, rest assured that we will still have the authentic rational and logical Michael Abrahamson on stage. What Nosworthy has done is helped to bring a creative balance to the production – a marriage of the left and right brain activities into an evening of great entertainment.

There will be a lot of new material in the production, but even the old material has been reworked so that it presents differently. Michael Abrahamson is a versatile entertainer, comfortable in sports broadcasting, academic lecturing and in general dealings with people.

The timing of this show for the start of the academic year is fortunate, and people who wish to know exactly what can be achieved with the power of the mind, memory and mathematics should not hesitate to pack their children up and take them to see Visage for themselves. There will be special prices for students and learners at the show, and opportunities to attend study skills courses for themselves in the near future.

Me? No longer learning in the formal sense, I go along simply to be amused and amazed. Abrahamson certainly achieves both objectives perfectly.

Visage relates to the face. Much of what Abrahamson does on stage depends on his ability to read what people are thinking from their facial expressions.


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