Memory Expert and Mentalist Michael Abrahamson shatters Pi challenge record

On official Pi day, 14th March 2019, professional memory expert and mentalist Michael Abrahamson, achieved a remarkable feat when he successfully recalled the first 1500 digits of […]

Written By: Ina Gouws Get It Magazine – ‘Magic of the Mind’

South African professional mentalist and memory expert Michael Abrahamson recently broke the world record by recalling 1500 digits of Pi in four minutes and seven seconds. On […]

Written By: Lesley Stones Daily Maverick – ‘He’ll see your Visage in your mind’

Mind-reading, unbelievable displays of memory, and math skills that border on magic. Yup, the mentalist Michael Abrahamson is back in the house. Last time mentalist Michael Abrahamson […]

Written By: Oliver Roberts Sunday Times – ‘How did he know I was thinking about sex?’

Mentalist Michael Abrahamson can read your thoughts, guess your personality through a deck of cards and influence the results of soccer matches. Just don’t call it magic, […]

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