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Michael Abrahamson is a Memory Expert and Mentalist well-known for his Power-of-the-Mind Shows which showcase how powerful the mind can be. These Shows are interactive and highly-engaging Corporate Shows intended to inspire and mesmerise audiences. The Power-of-the-Mind Shows suit a variety of audiences with a mix of entertaining moments and unforgettable demonstrations.


He has also created the PowerBrain Memory Courses which are uniquely designed to help people harness their minds and memory to extract a number of beneficial skills. These courses are aimed at corporates who require workshops to assist their teams in accessing the power of the mind with great benefit to the individual and the organisation at large. They are also designed to assist students at schools, universities and colleges with their memory, study skills and coping mechanisms when preparing for and writing important exams, and learning daily lifestyle and motivational skills.


Michael also currently holds a Memory World Record.

Memory Tips & Tricks

As powerful as your brain is, it’s also very lazy. Instead of writing yourself reminders or storing to do lists on your phone, try to recall these without writing them down. The more you make your brain work, the more it will come through for you.

Our brains are extremely receptive to ideas and suggestions just before we fall asleep, so never go to bed with bad thoughts or feelings, but rather positive vibes. You will have a restful sleep and wake up refreshed and energised, ready to face the day.

Mnemonics are useful memory tools in order to remember information in a set order. Examples are: ROY G BIV to remember the colours of the rainbow in order, HOMES to remember the names of the Great Lakes of North America and the first letters of the phrase When A Joke Made Me A Joker to remember the names of the first seven US Presidents in order.

New Memory World Record Broken


On 14 March 2019, Michael Abrahamson shattered the existing South African memory record for most digits of Pi memorised and broke the World Record by recalling 1500 digits of Pi blindfolded at the fastest ever rate.

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  • Testimonial

    This man is amazing – truly intelligent and interesting. I could have him anytime – his talent is absolutely fascinating.

    Unathi Boniwe, Investec Bank

  • Testimonial

    The course was a mind-blowing experience! The impact was significant and I really feel like I have learnt some life-changing techniques. The motivation part of the course was excellent, and I will definitely use the study techniques throughout my life. Thank you so much.

    Jiten Singh, Matric, Edenglen High

  • Testimonial

    I really enjoyed every presentation you gave us. When you started to talk, I felt as though someone could really talk into my brain and tell me everything I’ve always wanted to know. I felt 100%v sure that I would be able to pick up my marks.

    Ann Chang, Gr 8, Northcliff High

  • Testimonial

    Michael kept the audience totally enthralled throughout his entire performance. We’re still talking about it!!

    Kerry Oliver, Agency Manager, The Lime Envelope

  • Testimonial

    I have never had good study techniques. I now feel that I can tackle my studies with confidence and I’m ready to do well now. Not just that, but last week I amazed my family with my new memory techniques. I have really enjoyed the course and would recommend it to anyone.

    Brett France, student, Wits University

  • Testimonial

    If only I had learnt these techniques earlier in life, I would have achieved so much more. Continue doing a great job for the people you come across. May God bless you.

    Thantaswa Takata, Trainee Accountant, Auditor General South Africa, KZN branch

  • Testimonial

    Michael, You are amazing! We all loved your mind-blowing skills and your unique, natural sense of entertainment and outstanding performance. Thank you again!

    Melissa Maritz, Adendorff Machinery Mart


Memory Expert and Mentalist Michael Abrahamson shatters Pi challenge record

On official Pi day, 14th March 2019, professional memory expert and mentalist Michael Abrahamson, achieved a remarkable feat when he successfully recalled the first 1500 digits of Pi blindfolded in an astonishing time of just 4 minutes 7 seconds, without a single error. This equates to a rate of 6.073 digits per second, and is […]

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